As traditional joint family systems give way to nuclear families, there have been a number of senior citizens who have been left to cope with life on their own. Many elderly parents find themselves at a loose end when their children move to other cities for work or are married off. The elders of such families often do not wish to live permanently with their children in strange and distant places.

However, as age catches up they often find that they require increasing support with a number of daily functions. JOHNS Day Care and Boarding for Senior Citizens has been set up with the aim of providing Assisted Living Facilities to senior citizens seeking companionship and a homely environment.

Additionally, our facilities and services ensure that young people who are left worrying about the well-being of their loved ones alone back home now have a solution. JOHNS Day Care and Boarding for Senior Citizens offers loved ones a secure, comfortable life and most importantly one that is devoid of loneliness.

JOHNS Day Care and Boarding for Senior Citizens is a non profit institution managed by a group of professional women whose aim is to provide senior citizens with a place where they feel truly at HOME.