Our Assisted living facilities

Assisted Living offers the best of both worlds for seniors who need ongoing help with personal care and typical daily activities yet who wish to retain their independence to the fullest extent that they can.

A middle ground between independent living and nursing homes, Assisted Living Facilities aim to foster as much autonomy as the resident is capable of. We at JOHNS provide, 24-hour supervision and an array of support services, with more privacy, space, and dignity than many nursing homes.

Our Assisted Living Facility helps seniors with personal care (also called custodial care), such as:

Getting Around/Walking
Key characteristics
Activities of Daily Living (dressing, personal care)
Community Activities (social events, outings)
Services (laundry, cleaning, etc.)
Environment (personal freedom)
Health Services (medications, nursing care)
Overall Health (physical, emotional)
Medical Services
We have a tie up with St Mary's Medical Centre which is open for 24 hours.
The Management shall make arrangement of travel and an escort, for the residents to visit a doctor. The cost shall be borne by the resident.
The Management shall arrange for the medicines which the residents will require on regular basis.
All medical expenses for treatment of major illness will have to be paid by the residents.
Monthly medical check-ups undertaken for residents.
General Services
Common services available to all residents include:
Bed making
Dusting & sweeping
Bathroom cleaning
Laundry services.
Drinking water available in rooms
Room service for meals when the resident is unwell.
Newspaper, Magazines